How to buy bitcoin

Many of you may have wondered, but how can I buy bitcoins safely?

Be you come to the right place because in this guide I’ll explain how to buy your first cryptocurrency in a safe way.

Let’s start by saying that to buy bitcoins you need an exchange account for cryptocurrencies, as it is the only safe way to buy safely today.

If anyone doesn’t know it’s Bitcoin I recommend reading this article.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a space where the demand and supply of the crypto market is met, here we find all the assets that are on the market and that can be exchanged, but we can also participate in ICOs or IEOs, which are real and own fundraising campaigns to finance projects that will then go on the market, a famous one was EOS just to get an idea.

There are currently a lot of exchanges on the market, but would you say then which one is the best?

Don’t get hold of because at first glance it may seem very difficult to choose because there are several factors to take into consideration but with this guide I will try to make things easier.

During my research I chose few exchanges, as with these I can do everything I need, because since there are so many cryptocurrencies, then I managed to choose the best ones that could cover the whole market.

Even from the point of view of regulation and the fees that are paid, these exchanges are the best, given that lately many have tried to falsify the data when they were not regulated.

But let’s see in detail what they are.


Coinbase is one of the most famous exchanges on the crypto market, because it facilitates the purchase of cryptocurrencies in a very simple way, thanks also to the ease of connecting your bank account, Paypal account, or credit card, so that you can facilitate the cryptocurrency purchase.

The nice thing about coinbase is that on its platform it inserts basic courses for each cryptocurrency present on its market, making it understand how it works and always pays with the same cryptocurrency for watching the videos.

On the platform there are several crypto in addition to the bitcoin, which are many interesting, also coinbase offers us the possibility to safely deposit our currencies in a safe where it takes 3 days to withdraw the funds.

To be able to create a Coinbase account go here on the official website, after which click on it starts here in the top right corner and at this point the screen is opened to be able to enter your data.

open account coinbase

After entering your data, confirm the email you received and entering the username and password you will enter on the platform.

At this point this screen will appear.

main page coinbase

Now you have to activate the double authentication to increase security, just go to Settings in the upper right corner and go to security, here you will have to go to the Authentication app, now you have to download the app to generate the codes if you use android system download Google Authenticator, if Ios Microsoft Authenticator, just confirm the code that generated the app and enter it on the screen.

At this point this screen will appear.

double authentication coinbase

Now you will have to confirm your identity by uploading documents, go to account levels always on settings go first to check level 1 and after 2 by doing the steps that you are asking for.

After everything is confirmed, you can use the account easily by exchanging your cryptocurrencies.

If you want you can also connect a current account or Paypal account by going to link account in settings, and here coinbase will ask you for the account data and will make you a bank transfer of a few cents to see if your account is active and you have to enter the amount of the transfer in the data that will ask you to complete the activation.

To buy bitcoins click on Bitcoin on the home page, and on the right you can see a dashoboard where you will enter the amount, the payment method and finally click on Buy bitcoins and at this point you will wait a few minutes and your bitcoins will appear on the main screen.

Buy bitcoin

Going to accounts by clicking on the top, you can view your transactions, and create your safe, my advice before creating the safe, remember that after 3 days you can retry the crypto so pay close attention.

Instead going up earns cryptocurrency you can subscribe to the waiting list after which you can earn some crypto seeing videos that will propose coinbase, an original way to spread the knowledge of the crypto.


Binance is considered the nasdaq of cryptocurrencies, there is no cryptocurrency that is listed on this exchange.

There are as many as 155 different coins and nearly 500 currency pairs, well you do the accounts.

But not only these numbers, there are volumes that are around 1.5 billion dollars a day, which bring it to the first place as liquidity.

ranking best exchange

Also in the last year he was one of the first cryptocurrency exchange to create the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) here you can find a detail.

Moreover, his CEO Changpeng Zhao is very active on twitter, which is no small feat, his profile is: @cz_binance.

To be able to sign up for binance, go to the official website and enter your data and after confirming the email you can access the main screen.

Home page of binance

Here too you will have to activate the double authentication via the Google Authenticator app, or Microsoft Authenticator together with the SMS authentication, this because you will increase the security of the account and it is very important.

Without this we can top up the account by going to funds at the top, and click on the drop-down menu on Deposits and a screen will open where on the left we will be able to select any cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, and on the right we will be able to buy Bitcoins with a Visa or MasterCard card.

buy bitcoin on binance

The only thing in Binance is that we can’t connect a bank account and we can’t deposit fiat currencies like euro and dollar, but this can’t be a problem because you could buy on Coinbase and move to Binance or use a visa or MasterCard for buy bitcoins directly.

Always on funds we could go to Withdrawal to be able to withdraw into another account, or into Balances to see our portfolio in Binance.

Instead on Exchange in the upper right corner we could enter the platform where we will be exchanging our bitcoin with any present cryptocurrency.


There are other exchanges but my advice is for those who want to buy bitcoins to use these two when they are the most used and are easy to use.

Then for those who want to buy little-known cryptocurrencies, then you can rely on less reliable exchanges, since in these there are no cryptocurrencies that have little liquidity and a poor community.

I will return later to talk about these on the trading side and how an IEO or ICO works, keep up to date by subscribing to the newsletter.

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