Brave the fast browser is who pays you

Many of you, browsing the Internet, with their browser (Mozilla, Opera, Safari, etc.) will have noticed slowdowns in the loading of the pages.

Surely you have wondered but why this slowdown?

In addition to the slowdown, you will have noticed that by reading an article on your favorite site, at some point an advertising window opens, causing us to block for a few seconds and divert you from reading.

I would be very annoyed by this situation, so I decided to use a new Internet browser called BRAVE.

I want to talk to you about this program because it is very worth it, in fact it is proving, during my use, to be a very valid and very interesting tool.

This program to speed up internet browsing pays you through a token called Basic attention token.

At this point you would have thought it looks very good but let’s see how it works.

What is Brave

Brave is an open-source browser (open to all) derived from a well-known “Cromium” project in which the Google browser Crome is derived.

It was announced by the Mozilla co-founder and creator of Java scripts as well as Brendan Eich

The project was developed in 2015 and its first version took place in 2016.

This browser has been concentrated to be an excellent tool to safeguard the privacy of the user, using blocks that limit the collection of personal information that is stolen from external sites every day without our authorization.

Delete the browsing history and all the traces that you have left on the internet and that could be the cause of the withdrawal of the information, but not only also a possible installation of spyware, that would slow down your computer.

To date, it supports about 20 search engines and is multi-language and can be combated with the main operating systems; Microsoft, Linux, macOS, etc., and is also supported by Android and iOS.

It can integrate the same extensions of Google Crome and Mozilla Firefox in when its code is similar.

Today it has more than 5.5 million active users, but this number is destined to rise given the potential

number of users on brave

The features of Brave

As I said Brave has many features unlike its rivals, as it was designed to be better than its rivals.

We can say that compared to the others it has 3 important characteristics:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Rewards

But it has many others.

brave features

1) Speed

According to a report the speed of brave is much higher than the others, in fact it manages to open the pages twice as fast on the desktop device and up to 8 times on mobile devices.

speed brave

2) Security

So surely speed is a very important feature of it, but if we went on Facebook or on Amazon, using a normal browser we will notice that nothing happens, but using Brave will appear to be the same but if we look at something else we go and click above the lion icon, a tab will open where it will show us all the blocked content on the site that Brave is blocking.

Let’s see what happens if we go on Facebook or on Amazon with brave.

test on facebook

This was Facebook let’s see Amazon instead

test on amazon

As you may have noticed, there is a lot of content that Brave has blocked, all are external sites that collect information about us and pass it on to third parties who will use it for commercial purposes.

Really very worrying given then with the scandals happened with Facebook, so good can be a brake on this situation that is being created.

3) Rewards

rewards brave

What is meant by Rewards.

Brave has another very interesting feature, it allows us to earn money by looking at the advertisements he gives us, but how exactly it works.

Obviously the advertisements are not those that we see on Facebook or Amazon or Google, but they are advertisements authorized by Brave and concern content relevant to our online research.

But what does this mean, that if I am a content creator, I am talking about a certain topic, I can be sponsored by Brave and my content is displayed by users who will be compensated for seeing my post.

The compensation is 70%, which goes to the authors of the post, and the remaining 30% to users who have viewed the content, so you can say a concentration of quality advertising, and not a quantity advertisement.

Payment is made through the BAT (Basic attention token) token, which is a cryptocurrency that works in collaboration with Brave to develop this concept.

But how it works

Brave works like a normal browser we know (Firefox, Crome, Opera, etc.), its properties reside within the program code, so we don’t have to go crazy checking or checking the values every time and he himself working for we.

First of all we download it here, and after downloading it we go to install it as a normal browser.   At this point, after having installed and opened this screen will appear.

main screen of brave

It is very simple, in the upper part we can see the bar where we can do our research and next we find two icons, one with the lion where it shows us the contents blocked on the sites, and the other the Bat payment token where we find our wallet and our earned coins.


Going instead on the button that represents the tree horizontal lines in the upper right, we go to properties and we will enter the properties of the program.

setting brave

Here we can change some aspects that we have become accustomed to with our old browser, such as opening the browser to open a pre-established page, go to On Startup and enter the address of the page, for example I want the Google search engine and enter

setting brave 2

Or going down, we can indicate one of our favorite search engine by going to Search engine and checking the one we prefer.

search engine

We can choose the file folder we download, or we can enable the Webtorrent extension when we download a file with bittorent, or the language by going to Additional Setting.

Here we can find all the browser settings that we can change at will.

Instead if we click on the image of the triangle in the upper right corner we could see our wallet in consideration in BAT or USD.

If we open a new tab, we see on the top left part of the numbers that represent the blocked content of the sites we visited, the blocked ads and the time we saved using Brave compared to the others.

block brave

Rewards with good in BAT

Going on Brave Rewards, always on settings, we will enter another screen that concerns our portfolio.

Brave rewards

Here we can set the auto contribution, that is to set up to each site we visit an automatic contribution with the Bat token.

Instead in the ADS section we can see the properties of the advertisements that are provided to us by the program, and we can see the gains we have achieved by seeing the proposed contents.

brave rewards

The portfolio is managed by UpHold, which takes care of transactions, if you become a content creator, then Brave will ask you to create an account on Uphold in a very easy and free way.

If instead you want to add funds just go to Add Founds always in your wallet, and you open a card with the main crypto that we can credit with the addresses.

id wallet brave

Instead, on the gear symbol at the top we find the wallet backup because if it happens that we reinstall Brave then we can insert a series of sentences to restore the wallet as it was before, obviously this is your private key to not give to anyone

beckup wallet

More on Brave

The Brave community is very active both on social media and on the official Brave page.

On the social networks it is present in:

Instead here we find the official forum for the resolution of every problem.


In my opinion, good is much more than just an internet browser, it is an innovation in web browsing that combines security and speed with a quality-based advertising system.

I would recommend it to everyone because I am finding myself very well and I would not change it with others.

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