How to pay less fee on coinbase

In this article I explain how to pay less fee on coinbase when we go to buy cryptocurrencies.

As you know, cryptocurrencies have become very important in recent years and even more so their purchase, especially in terms of security.

There are many Exchange nowadays, but the most famous and safe are few is one of these and Coinbase.

When we buy cryptocurrencies, whether they are Bitcoin or Ethereum, the most important thing is the taxes we are going to pay at the time of purchase.

These fees called Fee are fees due to the network.

This factor is very important because those who trade could be a problem as there would be excessive commissions for each transaction.

But how does Coinbase work with the purchase

Based on the purchase of cryptocurrency, a commission (fee) of 3% is applied to the order, regardless of the value of the order.

So if we go to buy $ 100 of Bitcoin then we would pay $ 3 of fee which seems a bit too much if you go to trade.

The thing becomes evident then if we go to make operations of movement between the wallets that we should then pay further taxes to the net.

The fees applied by Coinbase to the purchase, go on every type of cryptocurrency that we would go to buy and on any type of amount.

How to pay less fee on coinbase

coinbase pro

To be able to pay less on coinbase we will use another service that the Exchange called Coinbase PRO provides.

As you know, Coinbase uses different services that serve according to the user’s needs.

In recent years, so many have expanded that it has succeeded in creating a safe service for private keys dedicated to Institutions, something not to be overlooked.

In fact it is still one of the few Exchange cryptocurrencies still untouched by the Hackers.

These are all the services available on Coinbase, looking at them in the Products section.

coinbase services

Coinbase Pro how it works


First we need to register on Coinbase using the official link.

If you still don’t register, I refer you here to see this post about the first sprint on Coinbase.

After registering and entering the exchange, we are officially Coinbase customers and consequently users of all our services.

At this point we go to the Products section and click on PRO.

coinbase pro

We will enter the Coinbase PRO control panel and enter Log In by entering the same coinbase credentials.

coinbase pro control panel

We will enter the Coinbase PRO control panel and enter Log In by entering the same coinbase credentials.

coinbase pro control panel


To start buying or trading on any pair you first need to top up your account on Coinbase Pro by going to the DEPOSIT item on the right.

Here a screen will open where we will select the account top-up mode.

We could choose the amount in dollars or Euro by making the transfer or recharge from the coinbase account, we could choose Bitcon, ethereum and so on by making a cryptocurrency deposit.

deposit on coinbase pro

I remind you that moving from the Coinbase account to that of Coinbase PRO is free, so fees do not apply.

Once the account has been topped up, wait about a few minutes and the amount in fiat or cryptocurrency currency will appear on the top right-hand side of the screen.

wallet coinbase pro

After this we can start buying cryptocurrencies.

Going to SELECT MARKET we would select the couple that interests us, for example Bitcoin-ethereum, after which we can buy Ethereum by selling bitcoins or the other way around.

Before buying we can see in the lower part the fees and the total order, in fact if we try to insert both the Pro and Co-Base the amount of any value we would see the fees which are very different.

The purchase is the same for any market.

For the Withdrawal it is necessary to go to the Withdraw entry and select the destination of the currency if we want to credit it on the coinbase wallet or on an address of another wallet, everything happens with few commissions and quickly.

I remember that the deposit and withdrawal between coinbase pro and coinbase is free and instantaneous.


Coinbase Pro is very interesting is functional, for those who want to have a professionalism on operations can do it for you.

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has become very competitive, and companies like Coinbase have innovated, for which we need to choose the best and Coinbase is the best.

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