The ripple price will increase considerably

According to the information we receive every day, the ripple price will increase considerably compared to when it is traded now.

There are many reasons that could cause the ripple price to rise to around $ 10 or even $ 100.

Now that I write the price is traded on the exchanges at around $ 0.40.

But let’s see together what are the causes of the expected rise.

The news on ripple


One of the most important news is certainly the one with the collaboration between Moneygram and Ripple.

According to the official ripple release on Ripple insights, you can read the news.

The money transfer giant has partnered to use Xrapid to apply ripples.

collaboration between ripple and moneygram

How Brad Garlinghouse announces with his twitter, in which the collaboration between the two companies is confirmed.

This benefits Ripple a great deal when it enters a large value exchange market.

Moneygramm represents a great partnership when it is a strategic company in money transfers in developing countries.



Another significant piece of news comes from the Xpring project, which is a ripple company that aims to develop new technologies and use cases for Ripple.

The news comes with a special release and has also been confirmed by Cointelegraph here.

According to the information, in new CEO of Xpring, the former facebook development director, Ethan Beard, will have to develop new use cases and new technologies using $ 500 million allocated by the company.

3) Emerging countries

cross-border payments

In recent years the transfer of money that takes place in emerging countries such as those in Africa has become very important.

These countries, having no institutions such as banks when they are poor, need to send money to relatives in other states, such as studying or working.

Paypal that manages these exchanges applies high commissions which makes the new development of technologies that reduce costs and increase the exchange speed like Ripple flourish.

In fact, the company is increasingly trying to fit into this strategic context, which is finding ease when it goes to improve many problems.

With this article that we find in Cointelegram, the same concept that I mentioned earlier is reiterated, but it is emphasized that companies Libra as ripple and pounds tend to invest in these countries.

Furthermore it is said that the amounts that are exchanged in these countries are around 550 billion dollars only in 2018 which makes us understand the importance of these areas.

The ripple price will increase considerably

With information quotas, Ripple is moving in these territories that the old finance is not solving.

In recent years, we are trying to increase the control of money more and more by lenders, who want to continue to make money.

In addition, they do not invest in contexts such as developing countries such as those in Africa or South America.

Ripple is trying to improve this situation, like most cryptos with similar projects, to try to stem this context.

If traditional finance has not arrived or is not coming, Ripple is already doing it and with enormous efforts, we see it in the news that comes to us.

Concluding this problem which for traditional finance represents a limitation for Ripple represents an opportunity.

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