The Ripple system – XRP, the new SWIFT system

Everyone will know that traditional payment systems use the Swift system for payments, but in recent years the Ripple system has been born.

This system is an innovation of the traditional SWIFT system, and aims for a performance much higher than traditional systems.

Furthermore, with the ripple system there is a reserve of value that acts as the bank itself.

The operating principle is to exchange value between different currencies, instantly and without intermediaries.

Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, Ripple works differently but it always works on a Blockchain.

The Ripple system

Ripple – XRP, was born around 2012 from a project by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen.

The project started as a transfer of funds in real time, on a blockchain that stores information.

Looking at current payment systems, ripple is much faster at updating transactions.

velocita di ripple nelle transazioni

The system using the XRP token converts one currency with another independently without intermediaries and with low transaction fees.

The company has allocated 100 billion Xrp tokens, which makes it limited, and it can be divided up to 6 decimal places up to the millionth of a unit.

All Tokens are already available and therefore there is no possibility to undermine them or earn them through rewards.

In the ripple details we can summarize this way:

  • It is a fund transfer system;
  • Use a blockchain to work;
  • Works with the XRP token;
  • It has no intermediaries;
  • And decentralized;
  • It has low transaction costs;
  • It cannot be undermined.
il principio di funzionamento di ripple

Ripple uses different platforms to process transactions based on requests.

We have:


All of these, using the same principle of operation, namely that of transferring value from one subject to another.

Each of these services provides solutions to banks or money transfer companies or to private individuals.

They also work on a blockchain that stores information, and use the XRP token to work.

In the Ripple blockchain, the block validators are called TRUSTED VALIDATOR, which are reliable ripple validators.

Consent on Ripple occurs through these validators which, after having reached the majority, confirm the transactions.

The validators are in a list called UNL where most are recommended by Ripple.

This could play to the disadvantage of Ripple when the system is concentrated on a few validators “controlled” by ripple, but benefits its functioning.

But this could change as ripple is preparing a migration to a more distributed system.

In other words, insert more validators in the list that are not controlled by Ripple itself, but have more choices on the list.

On ripple

The company in recent years is tightening many collaborations in the traditional finance sectors, including Moneygram, the money transfer giant.

Its policy is to concentrate in developing countries, as they present problems such as:

  • Absence of banks;
  • Cost of money in high transactions;
  • Difficulty in sending money to distant relatives.

All these problems represent an opportunity for Ripple as traditional systems have not been occupied until now.

Per Ripple represents a situation that could lead to great results in the future.

Ripple also has a branch that deals with the research and development of new technologies called XPRING.

This branch is financed by the sale of XRP tokens and uses the funds to innovate the technology, and to communicate with other customers (beneficiaries).

The company is headquartered in San Francisco in the United States, is currently its CEO is Brad Garlinghouse.

Useful links

The official website of Ripple is here.

The White piper is here.

The Community of:

For information on the blockchain:

The Token is exchangeable on all Exchange, including Binance and Coinbase, and its current price is:


The Ripple system is trying to improve what traditional finance has not arrived to date.

It can be very valid when you have the speed and low cost in transactions, especially cross-border transactions.

Furthermore, in recent years we have been thinking of using the token as a value reserve, which would make it very valuable in terms of price.

He still has a long way to go when he is still young, but the company is making excellent collaborations.

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