The future is the union between Bitcoin and Ethereum


The union between Bitcoin and Ethereum was unthinkable a few years ago, but today it seems possible and is being realized.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, we are used to everything, but this union could be a turning point in the crypto world.

These collaborations are important because they increase the use of technology linked to them.

In fact we think of the Bitcoin ecosystem combined with the Ethereum ecosystem, from the technological point of view it represents a new and much bigger ecosystem.

The union between Bitcoin and Ethereum

According to the information site, Cointelegraph, an article is shown where he talks about this union between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Il futuro delle criptovalute è pluralista

In fact he cites a company called Blockade Games, linked to the world of games on Blockchain, which uses the combined Bitcoin light network on the ethereum blockchain.

That is, there is an interaction of a contract in Ethereum, to then receive payment in Bitcoin using the Light Network.

This is because, according to the company, people in the future will increasingly be using the blockchain, and will want to hold bitcoins.

With this union there is the possibility of having more advantages, namely:

  • Creation and use of a smart contract;
  • Greater scalability;
  • Value conversion between two blockchains.

The Blockade Games company uses a system where the user queries the Light Network channel by scanning a bar code, interacting with the network.

At this point another channel opens linking the Light Network channel, and the ethereum channel to exchange the contract.

Everything is started using the portal made available to the gaming company.

An interesting article on Medium explains exactly the function that this solution has.

Obviously this represents a beginning but one thinks for example, using a blockchain that connects to the chain of multiple blockchains simultaneously.

The community

The community is taking well the union between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to a Twitte by Vitalik Buterin, the future of cryptocurrencies is defined as “DIFFERENT AND PLURALIST“.

It was thought to use Bitcoin Cash to increase scalability, but this could be a turning point for cryptocurrencies.

il futuro delle criptovalute è DIVERSO E PLURALISTA

In Twitte, Vitalik explains how the interaction between Ethereum and Bitcoin works and how it can be used in the future.

Furthermore, the Cointelegraph channel launched a survey on the use of this solution.

And based on the results, on a sample of almost 1000 people, 50% are in favor of the solution stating that it is the future.

risultato votazione ethereum e bitcoin


The solution of combining Bitcoin with Ethereum can represent a step forward in this technology.

As it could increase the amount of possible uses that can be made.

One thinks, creating a network that connects most of the main cryptocurrencies, would represent a really interesting service.

We can have a single network in which to do everything from the creation of a dapps to its use up to payments between subjects.

All without intermediaries and with the ease of a click, keeping everything safe on an inviolable blockchain.

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