Create a lightning network of bitcoin with Casanode

As you know, bitcoin is getting bigger and bigger and with the introduction of the lightning network, it is making the network more efficient.

In fact, the increase in daily transactions puts a strain on the miners who are forced to increase their computing power more and more.

This means that there is an ever greater increase in electricity consumption and an increase in fees.

The Lightning Network, greatly reduces this problem redeemed the fastest and most economical network.

With the innovation of casanode, you have a bitcoin node at home while maintaining the bitcoin network.

This makes the use of bitcoin much easier and less expensive than before.

The lightning network

The lightning network was introduced to fill some of the problems of the normal bitcoin network.

With the current bitcoin network it is slow to increase the number of transactions that make payments with bitcoin very expensive.

Here is that the lightning network is formed by a feature that speeds up the network.

It consists in making off-chain transactions, ie transmitting them to the network, only the opening and closing data, from the node that made them.

This means that you can do a lot of transactions by reducing the data and uploading it later.

With this procedure you should have “the elimination of fees”.

Furthermore we have the protection from double spending, ie during the transaction the system only validates one and not more than one with the same output.

lightning network also introduces payment channels, which are two-way channels where two people exchange bitcoins.

These channels are safe and protected by a secret code that only the people who make the transaction can see them.

In addition, the bitcoin exchanged within the channel cannot exit from there until the transactions are signed.

This adds a time block.

In short, the lightning network is a set of two-way payment channels that exchange bitcoins, all regulated by cryptography.

What is Casanode

Casanode is a product of the company Casa inc., Specialized in the cryptocurrency sector.

The company offers various packages in the use of the Bitcoin network, simplifying its daily use.

The packages offered are:

  • Casanode
  • CasaKeymaster
  • Casaextension

All these include the bitcoin system, its management and its use in everyday life.


The company provides with casanode a hardware that inside it is installed the bitcoincore software where it supports the bitcoin node.

This hardware is complete with a memory system and a motherboard with a processor that acts as a simple PC.

casanode is a bitcoin management service

You can buy it from the company at this address.

Just keep it on 24h / 7 days and allow us with its low power consumption to keep the lightning network of bitcoins.

This object allows you to have the bitcoin wallet synchronized with the blockchain network, and within it store our cryptocurrency.

In addition, some users claimed to have earned a sum of $ 5 a month in commissions for validating many bitcoin transactions.

Also in the package, the company provides a Trezor hardware wallet.


Instead, CasaKeymaster is a system that the company makes available to users, in order to protect their cryptocurrency funds.

It consists of having an archive of all the private keys that a user has, for each cryptocurrency, saving them in a dedicated and protected server.

Furthermore there is a saving of the various cryptocurrencies in the hardware wallet both trezor and Ledger nano.

The company makes several annual subscription packages available, for maximum efficiency and quality of service.

CasaKeymaster is a service that protects all our private keys


Casaextension on the other hand, is a web and app expansion, which allows you to integrate the whole package and have it at hand.

With the application on your smartphone, and the web extension, the control of your funds is made even more simple and functional.

Everything comes together to create a service that offers maximum reliability.

Casaextension l'espansione web e app

I refer you to the company website for more information by looking at the blog or technical support.


With this service, it is easier and more functional to have bitcoin than before.

Furthermore, helping the bitcoin network maintain it allows this technology to survive for a long time.

In the long run mining will become increasingly expensive and the increase in network fees will certainly not help.

Looking for a solution to this is very important and with this tool we try to make an increasingly expanding system more efficient.

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