undermine monero using video cards

Doing mining on a cryptocurrency helps keep it the same and earns commissions, above all undermine monero.

In fact unlike bitcoin, monero has a lower difficulty than bitcoin and makes it easier to extract.

In addition it uses an algorithm that is resistant to asics creating a much lower production of new coins.

But can you undermine monero and earn on it?

Let’s see it together by analyzing the data.

Underminine Monero with a video card

Monero for the uninitiated is a cryptocurrency born in 2014 focused on privacy.

In other words, its protocol, CryptoNight, allows you to obfuscate the blockchain by making it anonymous, and its algorithm is the POW (proof of stake).

Unlike bitcoin, Monero uses a protocol that makes mining from Asics immune, making it minable with video cards.

In addition, the difficulty that is generated in cryptocurrencies with asics is very high compared to those with video cards.

difficulty between monero and bitcoin

This makes the cryptocurrency very interesting for those who would like to enter the world of mining, because with little investment one could earn.

In fact, if you would like to invest in equipment to undermine Bitcoin, you would need a portfolio of at least $ 2000-3000.

In addition also the fact that an asics brings a lot of maintenance compared to a video card because it works at high rates.

Without thinking about the energy consumption that would go against.

The best quality / price video cards to extract monero

There are so many video cards that we can use for mining on monero, but let’s see which ones can be the best ones.


This video card is very competitive because it manages to develop a power of 1050 H / s with only 105W of power with an annual production of 1.90 monero per year.

2- SAPPHIRE RX Vega 64 8 GB

This video card is able to develop a power of 2100 h / s with 180 w of power and an annual production of 3.80 monero yearly.


It produces 1959 h / s with only 95 W of power, and 3.57 monero annually.

4 – AMD RX 5700 8 GB

This is one of the latest arrivals from AMD, it develops a power of 1100 h / s with only 92 W of power and 2 moner a year.

As you can see the best cards to be able to undermine moner are AMD, this does not mean that the Nvidia are very bad but they have too high costs and develop the same or less power.

The advantage of using video cards is that if the market fails, we always have the equipment to resell it or build a gaming PC.

To get more power you can unite by creating rings with 3-5 or more boards, developing a lot of computing power.

The advice is also to use a Gold 90 Plus power supply, because they have a low consumption of electricity maximizing the gains.

How to mine Monero

To be able to undermine monero it is necessary to use a software that depending on the type of card is present.

If you use an Amd you must use xmrig-amd which is available here.

Instead if you use an Nvidia then you need xmrig-nvidia downloadable from here.

There are other software on Monero’s page that use other types of mining equipment.

With this software you connect to the video card or the rig (multiple video cards), and from there you configure the performance.

It is then necessary to join a pool in order to be able to undermine more easily and increase the chances of solving the block first.

There are many, but you need to choose the one with more mining power.

main pools on monero xmr

The one with the most power I currently write is Supportxmr.com.

In order to try to have an approximate calculation of how much gain and how much power it takes to undermine monero the site What To Mine.

Here you can also find many altcoins and see what you can undermine with your equipment and how much you would earn.

Remember though, that these calculations take into account the price, so if the price goes up the gains will go up accordingly.

To conclude

The mining on monero is certainly less expensive than on that on bitcoin.

But the one on Bitcoin would be earning more, but more investment will be needed.

Buy an asics unlike a video card and that the asics takes a long time to get, plus a much shorter duration than a video card.

So if something goes wrong you could always sell the video card (s), always recovering something.

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