Update in view for the cryptocurrencies Eos, Tron and Neo

This month we are witnessing updates and important news releases on the blockchain of the cryptocurrencies Eos, Tron and Neo, regarding important updates to the network.

In fact, cryptocurrencies should undergo scalability improvements to increase adoption and the number of dapps.

Also with these updates you should have increased speed plus stability and security.

Let’s see what these updates consist of on cryptocurrencies Eos, Tron and Neo.

Developments on cryptocurrencies Eos, Tron and Neo

Update on Eos

According to the release of one of the 30 Block Producers (BP), EOS Nation, the EOSIO network was updated to version 1.8.

The 30 Validators of the network have reached an agreement for updating the network with a score of 29 out of 30.

The EOSIO network is the one used by the Eos blockchain and the latest version is precisely 1.8.1.

This update allows the network to prepare for the real update scheduled for September 23rd where there will be many developments.

In fact you should watch the first Hard fork of the Eos network, where the blockchain will have to be divided into two parts having two chronologies.

The planned updates are available on the official Github page.

Furthermore, there will be an update on the cost of the network, ie it will be expected that the ram will be used as a resource to be consumed for the use of Dapps.

With this hard fork, Eos is preparing to become more and more scalable and keep up with the times.

Update on Tron

As for Tron, instead, in August the Sun Nertwork was launched.

This update allows the network to be 100 times more scalable than before.

The Sun Network is part of a series of Tron blockchain updates that should lead the network to be much more efficient.

On September 3, a first version of the Sun Network update regarding the sidechain was released.

This update, called Sun Network version 1.0, is a solution for scaling the trunk mainet capacity.

That is, it gives the network the possibility of having an unlimited capacity for resizing.

With this you would have a very low energy consumption of dapps, with greater efficiency and safety.

It focuses on two features:

  • the first concerns the speed of smart contracts, ie reducing transaction costs and increasing speed;
  • the second one focuses on the needs of the developers, that is on the setting of the incentives, the transaction cost and the confirmation speed.

Here you can read the details of the sidechain update.

Later new updates will be released to bring the Tron network to be one of the best smart contract platforms.

Neo Update

Instead for Neo you should wait until the second quarter of 2020 to see an important update.

In fact, according to the statement of the CEO of Neo Erik Zhang, the network should undergo a transformation in which the old tokens will have to be transformed with new ones,

This is because the network needs a new architecture that the old tokens will not be supported.

This update called Neo 3.0, will allow the neo blockchain to be much faster and more stable, making it suitable on a large scale.

In fact, the man said:

“When we say that Neo 3.0 is ready for commercial use on a large scale, we mean that it offers the possibility of managing large applications based on blockchain technology. In the future we would like to see applications like YouTube and Alipay, or gaming giants like Tencent and Blizzard, offer blockchain-based services. Neo 3.0 allows large companies to do just that.”

Neo still has adoption problems in fact its use is very limited unlike Ethereum, Eos and Tron which represent the major exponents.

In fact Neo was originally supposed to be the Ethereum Chinese, as it was called, but the data is clear.

We just have to wait for the next updates on cryptocurrencies Eos, Tron and Neo, to continue to follow these projects.


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