In this article, I want to explain the various ways to earn free cryptocurrencies.

Today there are many tokens, which can be earned, but the methods are either very complicated or take a long time to implement them.

These are the methods I am going to explain later that are easier to implement and more secure.

However, in order to earn free cryptocurrencies, you need to spend at least a few minutes reading this article.

Let’s see together the various methods that I will describe to you.

Earn free cryptocurrencies, various methods.

There are many methods that go from affiliation to passive interests, some of these more interesting methods I’ll show you later.

I will list below, some links to sites or projects, which will give you free cryptocurrencies.

1- Blockfi

earn with blockfi

This company, which specializes in the management and lending of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Gemini Dollar, allows you to generate interest expense by maintaining the aforementioned cryptocurrencies on your account.

Your account has no expense and, moreover, there is no deposit limit, so you can also deposit 1 $ of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To sign up, go to this link and open an interest account by entering your email and password.

Once you have created the account, deposit at least something and you can take advantage of the interest generated each month (around 6.6% per year).

That is, if you deposit at least $ 100 in Gemini USD, in a year you would have earned around $ 6 which is not bad.

If instead you deposit the respective $ 100 in bitcoins, they would be at today’s price around 0.012 btc, which in a year would be 0.000825 btc that in dollars will be 7, if the Bitcoin will remain at that price otherwise they will be much more.

Also by the end of October if you deposit $ 100 or in Bitcoin, or in Ethereum or in Gemini Dollar, you can have $ 10 free in the respective deposited currencies.

If you let other people know about the company through your link, you would earn 10% of their loans they are going to make.

That is, if a person makes $ 100 in bitcoin loan, you will earn $ 10 free.

2- Coinbase

make money with the coinbase earn program

Coinbase is an exchange for cryptocurrency that is among the first in terms of number of volumes traded per day.

If you open an account that is free to complete, you just need to upload the documents and create a username and password, you will have many benefits.

One of these, and if you use this link to sign up, and deposit $ 100 and buy at least one cryptocurrency at your leisure, or buy and resell at least one cryptocurrency at your leisure, you would be entitled to $ 10 free income.

If, instead, you just want to earn without buying or selling anything, you can use the following links, to register and earn the Eos and XLM cryptocurrencies.

I furthermore, you would make the profit even if you let others know about you and allow you to earn 50% of the fees they will pay to make purchases or sales on the platform.

3- Brave Browser

earn with brave

Brave is a browser specialized in blocking malicious content as you go to visit the sites.

It also has a remuneration program for content creators that will be paid with the Bat token.

For those who want to learn more about the project, I refer you to this link.

This downloadable browser here, goes to reward users with monthly Token Bat that you could use them at your leisure.

This is a great way to earn free cryptocurrencies even if you have to wait once a month.

Also if you do download it to others you will get an additional $ 10 for each useful user.

4- Binance US

earn with binance us


Binance US is an extension of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which being bound by regulations has had to open a branch in the USA.

This exchange is similar to the main one but has been arranged only for US users.

The promotion of the platform is arranged like this:

 – If you confirm the account and make a purchase or sale of at least $ 100 of any cryptocurrency, you can have $ 15 free.

– Also if you make it known through the link to another, and the person confirms the account and the purchase and sale of at least $ 100, both will receive $ 15 free.

The link to register is here

5- Electroneum

earn with mobile electroneum

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that is mined with the smartphone, and can be used to recharge your mobile phone.

If you want to learn more about the project it is about how it works, I refer you to this link.

This cryptocurrency allows you to earn on your mobile phone only by registering and remembering to renew the service once a week.

The app can be downloaded from the play store or Appstore, registering and entering this code BD4BFC you can start the extraction which costs you absolutely nothing.

If you want to sell the extracted cryptocurrency, go to the Hitbtc exchange and you can exchange it with others.

6- I Masternodes

earn free cryptocurrencies with masternodes

Masternodes are services that offer free cryptocurrency earnings by managing a dedicated server.

Some cryptocurrencies such as Dash, use this function to work.

Who manages the masternodes constantly earns the established cryptocurrency that is managed.

This is because you go to validate the blocks so you are paid for the service.

It is required the rent or the creation of a VPS or dedicated server with at least 20 GB of space (then depends on the projects), which go to work every day.

I refer you to this link to view the cost of each masternode of the various crypts.

7- Lo Staking

earn free cryptocurrencies with staking

Other cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, use the DPos consensus algorithm to work, for example the cryptocurrency Eos.

This procedure allows you to block a certain number of tokens, which are used to vote for the block validators.

Everyone who blocks and votes on these specific projects is rewarded with the same token for helping the network.

At this link you can see some projects that use this system, their cost and annual earnings.

Some exchanges like Binance use this service automatically only if they hold their cryptocurrency on their wallet.

In this guide updated to October 2019 or brought only some methods to be able to earn free cryptocurrencies that I could verify the operation.

But in the next few times I’ll bring other methods and updates to make it easier to make money.

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