BitTorrent speed: what it is and how to earn

What is BitTorrent speed the new development program of the company Tron which aims to create a large decentralized file archive.

With it you not only have a large distributed registry but also the possibility of making money by sharing files.

Today decentralized systems are increasingly in use thanks to their ease of use and the ability to also generate a reward for participation.

These systems also have a low maintenance and operating cost and are therefore very competitive.
That’s why the tron company behind the BitTorrent project understood this trend and re-launched the system.

What is BitTorrent Speed?

Before talking about how BitTorrent works, we need to understand what it is exactly.

The protocol was taken over by the Tron Foundation in 2018 and was relaunched through an IPO in 2019 in the Binance exchange.

The Tron Foundation through this IPO has introduced the bittorrent token linked to the BitTorrent ecosystem.

In fact, to date it is one of the best IPOs that have been launched so far, although to be honest they are few.

This project is a decentralized peer-to-peer system for file sharing.

It was first introduced in 2002 by the programmer Bram Cohen and was written in Python language.

BitTorrent is not exactly a pure decentralized system as it always uses a main server to connect to the network.

This however is about to be solved by Tron as it tries to take BitTorrent to a higher level.

In fact, BitTorrent Speed ​​was born where thanks to the bittorrent token, this system is preparing to be a real streaming platform.

A user can both download content to their PC and share the same file with other users using peer-to-peer.

Then there is also a huge database that can be used to upload files inside and share them with users.

This system is called BTSF and consists in giving away a part of one’s own PC memory to help the network share files.

In exchange, however, there would be a bidittent token fee.

From BitTorrent speed to BTSF

The Tron Fondation has created a real distributed system thanks to BitTorrent and its 100 million users who use it.

By creating a series of packages that can make a difference in this area.

The main thing behind all this is to create a distributed system that allows users to be remunerated for using it.

BitTorrent schermata principale

This is the basic concept that the Tron Fondation wants to pursue.

The system, as explained above, consists of having two main services that allow the correct functioning of the network.

1° BitTorrent Speed

This system allows you to quickly download files to the system thanks to the purchase of additional bandwidth.

That is, a user who wants to download content or view it in streaming, must connect to the BitTorrent platform.

But it could happen that the network is slower or the file is very requested and therefore it takes time to download it or to see it.

Here comes the speed function where thanks to the bittorrent tokens you can acquire more bandwidth to access this content faster.

BitTorrent speed e la schermata principale

The platform looks like in the image above where the balance of your wallet is present at the top.

While in the central part you can see the download speed and if we are acquiring further bandwidth.

If you want to send bittorrent tokens in or from your wallet just go to the wallet on the left side and the receiving address appears or the send button.


While the BTSF system (BitTorrent file system) is in a few words a huge distributed server where any user can participate.

Just connect to the network with your PC and transfer part of your space to the network in exchange for a remuneration in BTT tokens.

To go into the function just open our bitTorrent program which can be downloaded from here for Windows versions.

While if you want to download it from linux or Mac just go here.

When the screen is open, a window appears on the left side where the BTSF function is present.

BTSF (BitTorrent file system)

Going to BTSF opens a screen on the web where we can see all the functions of the program.

combinare BitTorrent file system con bittorrent speed

In the image above you can see what the main system screen looks like.

In fact, we can calibrate the amount of space we want to give to the system and how much we are paid for a terrabyte / s.

While in the right part instead we see the function of the wallet and the platform settings.

In fact, in the wallet that must be created separately always on the link of the same, it is where the BTT that we earn are paid.

The bittorrent token

The BTT token function is very important for this platform because it consists in maintaining the ecosystem.

In fact, with the token we can both buy bandwidth to download faster and we can be paid for giving up the space.

That’s why the token becomes important in this context.

There are a total of 990 billion BTT but currently only about 215 billion are in circulation.

It is of the ERC-10 type and is a token of the Tron network this is based on the Tron blockchain.

The remaining tokens are given each month to each TRX owner until the limit is reached.

So it cannot be mined but can only be earned through the aidrop or through BTSF.

It can be purchased on almost all major exchanges i.e. Binance, Kucoin, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc.

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