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William Delbert Gann

in this section criptopedia you will find practical guides on the use of blockchain, bitcoin and the whole world of cryptocurrencies.

che cosè Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin explained briefly

che cos'è un wallet bitcoin

What is a bitcoin wallet

What a wallet is and how it works

POW Consent system

POW Consent system

the Proof of work Consensus system explained briefly.

DPOS consensus system

The DPOS consensus system

The Delegated Proof of Stake consensus system explained briefly

What the Smart Contract is is how it works.

What the Smart Contract is is how it works.

The Smart contract explained in this guide.

DEFI decentralized finance, what is it and how it works

DEFI decentralized finance what is it and how it works

A guide on DeFi decentralized finance

come comprare bitcoin

How to buy bitcoin

how to buy bitcoins safely

What is the blockchain

What is the blockchain

the blockchain explained briefly

What mining is how it works

What it is is mining

mining explained briefly

The POS Consent system

The POS Consent system

The proof of stake consensus system explained briefly

The BFT consent system

The BFT Consent System

The Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus system explained briefly