Cripto 51 is an information service on the crypto world, on the blockchain and on the fintech sector.

I created this web space so that every user can increase their knowledge in this field, and begin to change the mentality of the old economy linked to Fiat currencies, gold and equities.

I entered this world during the bubble of 2017 that took place in the crypto (one of the many bubbles), I started studying Bitcoin and all its derivative currencies, I have since stayed here to continue to study this ever-changing world .

Why bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become famous because it has a fundamental concept that current financial, social, and political sectors do not have: DECENTRALIZATION.

This is very important today and in the future, especially as everyone’s privacy is being profaned in recent times, and trying to continue to centralize the entire economy in a few individuals.

So that’s why I’m getting more and more interested in the concept of decentralization and consequently in bitcoin and its world.

What is decentralization?

From the word itself decentralize a thing, that is to say that one thing is controlled by several subjects who decide in the same way, and not by one who decides everything for everyone.

Decentralization can be very powerful and makes the gap between an elite and a low-ranking society less obvious.

Is it then you will say what decentralization involves with bitcoin?

Let me explain, to make a payment today using a bank or any financial institution, to a friend of ours or any debtor, with the availability in your account, you need to ask the bank if we can make the payment that will take us 2-3 days to depending on the company and the reason for the payment.

In bitcoin this does not happen, because bitcoin does not ask us why you are making the payment, bitcoin does not need the authorization to make the transfer.

Bitcoin could be talked about until tomorrow for the immense innovation it has brought, but I will do it on this site, here I wanted you to understand in a few words what bitcoin is and why it should be used in everyday life.